Club Rules

  1. Racquet tags should always be on your tennis racquet, so that it is immediately obvious that you are a current member.
  2. Appropriate tennis clothing and sports shoes should be worn.
  3. Guest fees of £1 per hour should be paid to the Secretary, Cathy Clarke, 1 Vicarage Gardens, Bradwell Village, MK13 9AY.

BACS:a/c Old Bradwell Tennis Club. Account No. 19009460 Sort Code 30-63-97

Guests are restricted to THREE visits and they should take up membership if they wish to continue playing.

4. Tennis Balls going onto the Bowling Green should not be retrieved by trying to climb fences. Lost balls will be returned to the Committee, who will then return them to the owner.

5. Be considerate to other players at busy times. Courts should be handed over to those waiting members at the end of a set being played. Singles players should consider making a doubles game.

6. No other sports to be played or cycling permitted on Courts.

7. Please report any damage or acts of vandalism to Committee Members; to assist in maintaining Courts.

8. Maintain clean Courts by taking litter home.

9. Secure the gate padlock when you leave.